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Marion Arand


Marion Arand


Fields of expertise

Legal translations

Legal translations such as contracts, general terms and conditions (GTC) or correspondence in legal proceedings require special expertise as well as precise wording and specialist terminology. As a result of my German legal education and my many years of experience as a lawyer especially for companies and employers, I am able to translate your legal documents professionally and stylistically perfect.

Tourism Translations

During the Year 2016 residents of Germany made approximately 540,000 overnight stays in Finland. [1]
Therefore, the tourism industry has to adapt - more than any other branch of industry - to an enormous variety of languages, because of the diversity of its guests and their origin.
Especially during the summer months, German tourist buses dominate the traffic on the route through Finland to the North Cape.
In order to ensure that all your tourism offers are offers available to potential German tourists in their native language, your marketing activities should be translated into the German target language. This can include tour itinerairies, hotel brochures, advertisements, magazine articles, websites, menu cards and much more.

Webpage Translations

Your website is your company's figurehead on the Internet and enables you to grow your customer relationships. Even if you do not aim directly at an international presence for your company, a multi-lingual internet presence can certainly be of advantage and importance by providing a professional profile whose benefits can also be quantitatively measured. The translation of your website requires quality and the right “sense” of the language.

While translating websites it should be considered, that most internet users use search engines to obtain information online. It is therefore extremely important that your website appears as high as possible in search engine rankings. The right keywords are crucial. If your website has search engine-optimized texts (SEO texts) with keywords that are relevant to you, this can make all the difference to your success.
I can translate your web content, metadata or texts for buttons and 'call-to-actions' with the right know-how of usability and search engine optimization.

Marketing translations

Translation projects in the field of marketing require clear implementation of your desired message. The source text must reach the respective target group, even after its translation into the target language. This requires special knowledge of the respective cultural and market practices. As a client, you need to ensure that the advertising effectiveness of your text is maintained and that a good linguistic and grammar style is used. This requires sensitivity and experience which I am able to offer you.

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